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Object Oriented Training Course

The Hands On Technology Transfer, Inc. (HOTT) Object Oriented Analysis & Design with UML class presents the key concepts and methodologies required to perform quality object-oriented software engineering, with particular attention to hierarchical analysis and design principles, reusability, and adaptability. Students will practice applying object oriented analysis to improve software design and see how software objects can be used to build software systems that are more robust and less expensive. Students will use several methods for analyzing software systems, finding and refining useful classes and relationships between objects. Care is taken not to focus on any one language so that all students can participate in the design exercises, without relying on specific programming skills.

The course then presents the most practical analysis and design methods, including the application of use case analysis, CRC analysis, problem domain analysis, activity diagramming, interaction diagramming, and class diagramming. The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is presented in detail and is used in the exercises and case studies. Practical aspects of project management and implementation are presented from the perspective of experienced object system designers. Special emphasis is given to the use of object patterns in developing software systems. The students apply their skills in labs that are mini design sessions. Besides teaching technical skills, the instructors also help the students identify and overcome common obstacles that occur during group sessions.

Excellent instructor! Her knowledge of the material and presentation skills made this one of the best training courses I've ever attended. I've used UML and OOAD in the past, but I am more confident in my knowledge of the subject and plan on incorporating it into my work where applicable.
– D.L., PWC

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HOTT offers competency-based OOAD training in more than 100 cities across North America. HOTT emphasizes a hands on, task-oriented curriculum. When students train with HOTT they are guaranteed small class sizes, expert instructors, and comprehensive hands on exercises. HOTT offers a wide selection of discount programs to accommodate individuals as well as groups both small and large. Call our registrars at 800-413-0939 for detailed information or assistance.

OOAD Training Course

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