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jQuery is one of the most widely-used JavaScript libraries in Web development. jQuery can access elements within a document, modify page content and appearance of elements, respond to user events, add animations or make Ajax requests to a server. The jQuery library is layered on top of JavaScript, so knowledge of JavaScript is fundamentally useful in understanding topics such as working with jQuery plugins and widgets.

Hands On Technology Transfer's Developing Rich Internet Applications Using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery course provides a thorough introduction into the use of HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery to create Web sites that target the capabilities of modern browsers. HTML5 includes new structural and form elements, implementation of audio and video elements, and intrinsic APIs that offer features such as "offline" applications, local and Web storage, and dynamic creation of graphics using Canvas. The course covers the jQuery library, DOM manipulation, Ajax requests and the usage of jQuery plugins.

For those who already know HTML5 and CSS3, we offer a 3-day jQuery Programming course. This hands-on course covers the jQuery library, DOM manipulation, performing Ajax requests, and an overview of the UI library. Students will also learn how to use the jQuery function to return a wrapped set of elements, use utility functions to work with arrays and strings, modify the appearance of elements using a number of predefined effects as well as how to implement existing plugins.

The Developing Mobile Websites with Responsive Web Design and jQuery Mobile course introduces students to responsive web design (RWD) techniques such as CSS3 media queries and flexible grids to build mobile-compatible web sites. The course also provides an extensive introduction into using the jQuery Mobile Framework for building mobile-specific web sites.

Excellent class. Really got me excited about using the technology for our sites. I have a much better knowledge of the language and concepts involved.
– M.L., Newport News Shipbuilding

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HOTT offers competency-based jQuery training in more than 100 cities across North America. HOTT emphasizes a hands on, task-oriented curriculum. When students train with HOTT they are guaranteed small class sizes, expert instructors, and comprehensive hands on exercises. HOTT offers a wide selection of discount programs to accommodate individuals as well as groups both small and large. Call our registrars at 800-413-0939 for detailed information or assistance.

jQuery Programming Course

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